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AGM News

We had an excellent turn out to our Annual General Meeting on Oct 28 2019 where we set up our team for the 2020 season upcoming. We added some great new directors to specialize in events & volunteer coordination, along with our current positions filled. Welcome new board members Tariq Elnaga, Jim Moniz, Ryan Harms & Nolan Ziebarth! (you are in for some fun!)

Thank you to our 2019 (and prior years!) Youth Director Philip Shellenberg for helping our young members learn to love roping! You have helped build a strong program, that we will continue to make successful.

Thanks for the many miles made with the Heelomatic helping the Youth!

Thank you Ivan Davies for your dedication to the CRC during your President role for 2018 & 2019. You have been our leader, moving this club ahead, implementing new ideas, growing memberships & interest from our community, arranging fundraisers and hosting events!..the list is long of all you have done! The Board thanks you for keeping us in line!…

Thank you Ivan & Linda for your volunteer time!