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MVIC–Interclub ‘Sandwich Roping’ Series Starts June 6th!!

Hello Team Roping crew,

The Cochrane Roping Club has joined the MVIC ‘Sandwich Ropings’ Series this summer with the following dates upcoming. Please note that on the Wednesdays that Cochrane hosts, there will be no regular team roping practice.

Schedule for 2018 (weather dependent)

7:30 START   Sign in at 6:30 to 7:15

June 6 Olds
June 13 Cochrane
June 20 EVRA  (Eagle Valley)
June 27 Olds
July 4 Cochrane
July 11 Finals  EVRA (Eagle Valley)
August 15 latest finals date due to rainout.

Ropings will be straight draw, enter three times, straight 2 or 3 head depending upon numbers.(Under 60 teams will be 3 partners 3 head each. Over 60 teams will be 3 partners 2 head each.) $40 per person ( 75% payback and 25% for prizes) with  an extra fee of  $10 for every drawback. ($2.50 held for prizes.) The finals will be $50.00 with the extra $10 going straight to the top header and heeler of the finals.

If someone wants to head and heel this is allowed as long as its a separate entry.  ( 6 partners total )  Points will be calculated separately for both head and heel.

There will be a 9 foot barrier at all roping unless discussed with Sheldon or one of the committee members.

Members must attend 3 ropings to qualify for the finals.

Sheldon Valentine will keep track of the standings throughout the summer.

There is a meal at each roping, with the host club providing the meal on their date(s).

As part of the Interclub group, the CRC will be required to haul 10 head to one or two events hosted in Olds. Hauling help is requested– if you are able to assist, please contact Stephen.

Questions on the series?
Stephen Roy 403-827-9360
Sheldon Valentine 403-638-8558

Hope to see you out for some friendly competition with some neighboring community roping clubs!