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Roping Rules and Arena Etiquette

Team Roping Rules and Arena Etiquette 2021

Team Roping Rules

  • Legal catches are:
    • Both horns;
    • Half head;
    • Around the neck;
    • Any heel catch behind the shoulder is legal if the rope goes up the heels; or
    • One hind foot, penalty of five (5) seconds
  • Illegal catches are:
    • If hondo passes over one (1) horn, and loop over the other horn;
    • Figure eight (8) on both horns;
    • Belly catch, defined when the loop passes over the head and front feet; or
    • Horn or neck catch with any feet in the loop.
  • If the heeler ropes a front foot or feet in the heel loop, this is a foul catch. Neither team roper is allowed to remove the rope from the front feet by hand, however should the front feet come out of the loop by the time the flag man drops the flag, the time will be counted.
  • There will be a thirty (30) second time limit before penalties, in order to complete the run.
  • Time will be taken when the steer is roped and the heeler is fully dallied off. The header must remain dallied until the flag is dropped. The steer must be on its feet when either the head or heel rope is thrown.
  • Cross Firing: The header must have enough control of the steer to have turned the steer’s body toward the header. The steer must have made one (1) full hop out of the bend before the heelers delivered loop makes contact with the steer. If not this is considered “cross-firing” and will result in a no time.
  • Roping the steer without releasing the rope will be considered a No Time.
  • If either roper dismounts, the team will be flagged out.
  • Steers must not be handled roughly at any time, and the ropers may be disqualified if in the opinion of the field judge they have intentionally done so. In event of injury or cruelty to an animal ropers will be flagged out.
  • An electric eye will be used as a barrier during jackpot events. The score will be predetermined prior to the event.
  • Five (5) seconds penalty will be added to the team’s time if the header breaks the barrier before the steer, not allowing the steer a head start.
  • As the header it is your responsibility to assure the arena is cleared before nodding for your steer. If you nod when arena is not cleared and it affects your ability to complete your run it will be considered a no time.

Cochrane Roping Club Arena Etiquette

  • Be respectful of your surroundings when warming up/roping. Pay attention to your fellow ropers/riders, assure arena is clear before asking for your steer.
  • Individuals participating in roping practice or jackpot MUST help wrap, unwrap, push up cattle, and bring in cattle/turn out cattle in order to rope.
  • To assure heelers get a fair practice it is recommend if headers miss more than 2 steers in a row they place the rope on the steer in the chute.
  • During practice headers will ONLY pull steers to the far fence to help save cattle for the season.
  • No misuse of animals (horses and cattle) is permitted on the grounds.