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Adult Beginner Roping Program

2020 Adult Beginner Schedule

June 15th to September 25, 2020.

The Adult Beginner night runs on Fridays, starting at 6pm. The program is designed to accommodate beginners and inexperienced horses.

We will have the roping dummies out for everyone to rope on foot, and we will pull the Heel-o- matic with the quad from 6-7pm in the large outdoor arena until the Team Roping starts at 7pm.  At this time, we will move the Heel-o-matic to the upper outdoor “warm-up” arena, for those wanting to practice longer on the Heel-o-matic.  For those wanting to participate in Team Roping, they are welcome to track and/or rope the steers.  Adult Beginners are also welcome to Team Rope on Monday and Wednesday nights (Wednesday nights in June and September only), as well as participate in Ranch Roping on Wednesday nights.

CRC Adult Beginner Roping

2019 the CRC added Learn-to-Rope Program for those ages over the 21 years who are interested in the basics of roping. With a strong turnout and a supportive group of members, it was a very successful program! It has generated interest to create a Winter Heelomatic Roping starting in Nov.

We have set a practice time for beginners to learn from fellow members, and have a chance to Team Rope or Ranch Rope. Focus will be on using roping dummies to get the basics worked on every practice, getting roper and horse used to swinging rope before moving onto live cattle.

There has been talk of having a clinician in to offer tips, so stay tuned for future plans here.

Please contact our Adult Beginner Coordinator Tricia, if you are interested in this program.

Heel-o-matic roping
Header and Heeling ropers chasing a heel-o-matic